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My Skincare Journey | Things I Do for Healthy & Clear Skin

My Skincare Journey | Things I Do for Healthy & Clear Skin

FTC: This post is sponsored by Olay

If there is one question I always get asked, it is about my skin. It is one I don’t mind at all because I have gone through my own skin care journey that I love to share with you guys to hopefully give you some tips for your own journey towards healthy skin.

Three years ago I struggled with cystic acne and it was such a tough period in my life. It affected my self esteem and I felt like I had no hope getting rid of it. I would always ask my husband how he still loved me with a face full of acne, I could never understand because I was not happy with myself. It wasn’t until after many trials and errors with different skincare products and attempts to changes in my lifestyle that I discovered through a skincare professional that my acne issues required prescribed treatment. After taking the treatment for 5 months, I was blessed with clear skin, something I could not have even imagined for myself. I was at my happiest. With this, there is an important point that I missed and that is how I was going to continue taking care of my skin so that my acne does not come back. I would cleanse and moisturize and make sure I was not sleeping with makeup on but I now know that it was not enough. Taking care of your skin is like taking care of your body, if you don’t work out, don’t expect changes in your fitness. Likewise, if you don’t take care of your skin, don’t expect changes in how your skin feels and looks.


In the last year, I have partnered with Olay on their #FaceAnything campaign that inspired me that if I want to do something, I can do it, regardless of my fears. For me, that was going out without makeup on even if that meant the grocery store. With dark eye circles, discolouration around my face, acne scarring etc, I would not dare to leave my house and allow the real imperfect me to be revealed to people who probably did not care or even notice. That is something I had to learn and convince myself to accept. But it wasn’t only about convincing myself mentally, it also meant taking action to change what I am afraid of. That meant taking better care of my skin so that I can feel more confident to let it shine anywhere I go.

Here are some things that I do for my skin now that have helped me feel confident and promote healthy skin:

Morning Routine:

  • Cleanse my skin every morning and night

  • Apply Vitamin C Serum for acne scarring, sun spots.

  • Apply a hydrating Moisturizer

  • Apply Sunscreen!!! (Whether it is with your moisturizer or separately, I highly encourage this!!)

    Night Routine:

  • remove my makeup with micellar water

  • use a toner to remove excess makeup

  • cleanse skin

  • use a rejuvenating night serum

  • apply moisturizer

  • On alternating nights, twice a week, use a mask and an exfoliator.

Throughout the year, I have tried a few different skincare products from Olay which I genuinely loved and felt were quality products. The one I most loved and have continued to use is the Olay Regenerist Whip with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 25. I use this moisturizer every morning because it contains SPF and I love how it feels on my skin. There is a non-SPF version of this Olay moisturizer as well if you want to use the same one for your night time routine.


I feel good everyday knowing that I am doing my best to keep my skin healthy and I know that it is allowing me to become a better version of myself. I mean, I took a plane to go see my family with no makeup on, that is HUGE if you ask me!! :)

If you can take anything from this post, it is that I encourage you to take the steps that will lead you to a happier you. Though change may feel so far away, you will never know until you try.




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