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The Bassinet Every Parent Needs | Snoo Smart Sleeper Review

The Bassinet Every Parent Needs | Snoo Smart Sleeper Review

Since Liam is now sleeping in his crib, I am able to give you my full review of the Happiest Baby Snoo bassinet! When I posted a photo of the bassinet on my Instagram page, I have consistently received questions about it. I hope this blog post review of my experience using the bassinet helps answer your questions and gives you a real idea of this bassinet!


As a new mama, I was so overwhelmed with the abundance of options on the market for all the baby things that you need. It really gets to you! It’s hard to find and narrow down the best products that you think will benefit you and the baby. A baby bassinet was one of those things for me but during my search on the internet, I came across the Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby, and my first thought was, “Are you serious?! How high-tech!!.”

The Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet was created by a paediatrician, Dr. Karp to help parents out by boosting baby sleep using rhythms that babies love, help calm a fussy baby and prevent risky rolling.

How it Works

The Smart Sleeper bassinet connects to an outlet which turns on its incredible features. The Snoo gently rocks your baby to sleep with white noise playing in the background. If your baby makes fussy sounds or cries, it lulls him/her back to sleep by increasing the gentle rocking and white noise sounds to higher levels that can be adjusted directly from your smartphone. By downloading the Snoo app, you can control the Snoo directly from your smartphone.

When I first received the Snoo I was nervous about putting my newborn baby in something that rocks him (you know how it is with first baby paranoia lol!). I overcame my paranoia and when I tried it out for the first time, I couldn’t believe how amazingly it worked. I was so happy with how much it comforted Liam!

Why I love it

Swaddling is something that every parent is encouraged to do to keep their baby from startling themselves at night while sleeping and to keep them from bringing any blankets over their heads with their arms. I learned how to swaddle baby Liam in the hospital using a swaddle blanket but it was difficult to remember how to do it each time. I LOVE that the Snoo Smart Sleeper bassinet comes with a Snoo Sleep Sack that zips up and secures to safety clips on the bassinet to prevent the baby from moving and rolling. It’s so convenient and literally puts your mind at ease. It comes in three different sizes (S,M, and L) to fit your baby as he/she grows. The medium and large sizes have snaps that allow your baby’s arms to be out of the swaddle!

The white noise and gentle rocking DOES work. Before I could build up the courage to use the bassinet with its miraculous functions, baby Liam would wake up a few times at night just to be comforted by being held or rocked back to sleep. When we started to use the Snoo Smart Sleeper, he would only wake up to feed. My friends were shocked about how good a sleeper he was! The Snoo would rock Liam whenever he would cry and would continue rocking him at higher settings if he continued to cry but if he persisted and I hadn’t already ran like Taz-mania upstairs to check on him, the Snoo would turn off on its own and notify me to attend to my baby.

You can use the Snoo Smart Sleeper until your baby outgrows it or until about 6 months. I personally used it for 3.5 months. I ended up co-sleeping for a few weeks because it was easier for me while breast feeding and then we travelled with Liam at 4 months for about 3 weeks. When we got back from vacation we began transitioning him into his crib at 5 months. Even though I didn’t get the full usage out of the bassinet, it was well worth the time I did get to use it and I sure will be using the Snoo if and when we decide to have another baby! :)


  • Comfort knowing that your baby is getting restful sleep without disruption with the help of the Snoo Sack that keeps your baby on his back and arms out of the way.

  • Can be used with your smart phone through the Snoo app to check on how well your baby is sleeping and track nap times and number of hours of sleep.

  • It’s beautifully made! If you‘re anything like me and care about how baby furniture looks in the house you will appreciate its modern sleek design.

  • You can do a 30 Day trial - If you try it out and it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back. So amazing!


  • Luxury item equals higher price tag ($1160). More expensive than most bassinets but getting sleep as a parent is so important to give you the energy to be with there for your baby in the best way that you can. Sleep is a luxury as parents so if a smart bassinet can help you get in a few extra hours, that is definitely worth the money for me.

  • The Snoo is quite heavy! It can’t easily be moved around the house which would have been a nice bonus.

If you want any specific details about the bassinet, their website has so much information about it. Click here to learn more!

I hope my review of the Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby helps if you are looking into a bassinet for your first baby or growing family! If you have any other questions about my experience using the Snoo, I am happy to help. Leave me a comment below. :)

Special thanks to Happiest Baby for this incredible Snoo Smart Sleeper bassinet!


Hanan XOX

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