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Choosing a Baby Car Seat!

Choosing a Baby Car Seat!

One of the first things you need to get for your baby is a car seat. After all, you cannot leave the hospital without one! With so many different options for car seats, it was definitely a struggle for me trying to find the best one. Then I realized that there is no such thing as THE BEST CAR SEAT, rather, it just depends on what is best for you and your baby.

I wanted to share with you guys some of the things to consider when shopping for a baby car seat in partnership with Walmart, one of my favourite places to shop all baby things.

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Infant Stage vs All Stages

An important consideration is whether you want an infant car seat or convertible car seat. This is important especially if you want to use the car seat to attach to your stroller in the beginning. A convertible car seat does not attach to any strollers so if you opt for this, you will likely need a stroller that comes with a bassinet. However, infant car seats can attach to strollers. Some convertible car seats come in all stages (infant, toddler and booster seat), which is convenient in that you won’t have to purchase a new car seat as your baby grows. This comes down to a personal choice.

Size of Car

The size of your car is important to consider, since some car seats are found to be bulkier than others. Finding a car seat that fits properly in your car for the safety of your baby comes first and foremost.


Something I kept an eye out for when I was shopping for a baby car seat is the comfort of the car seat. It was important to me that it had enough cushion and did not feel like a cardboard backing.

It helps that Walmart carries so many car seat brands so that you can compare them to figure out what fits your needs best. Right now with Walmart’s semi annual baby event offering 700 items online with major savings and a handful of Rollbacks available in store right now, it is one of the best times to shop baby items. Below are some of my favourite big ticket baby items with crazy savings right now.

We were gifted an infant car seat (bucket seat) when baby Liam was first born. It wasn’t my favourite bucket seat because it always felt like Liam was uncomfortable in it because of how deep it was. We decided to shop around for the next car seat stage which is a convertible car seat. This is only necessary if your baby has exceeded the highest height or weight for the infant car seat and Liam was approaching this point soon. I love that Walmart carries so many different brands for baby gear including strollers, car seats, nursery and baby tech. It makes it easy to shop all things baby related in one place. The car seat we fell in love with is the Graco 4ever All-In-One Car Seat. Although we did not quite need it for the infant stage anymore, we loved that we could use it for the remaining time in rear facing and then switch to forward facing, until he was ready to use it as a booster seat. Liam seems so much more comfortable in the convertible car seat and with the two cup holders in front of him he can grab his water bottle on his own while I am driving.

It comes in a few different colours! We have it in the Cameron Gray.

Graco 4Ever.JPG

I hope this post was helpful in your search for finding a car seat or even just reminding you that right now is a great time to shop all baby things at Walmart. Let me know in the comments what car seat you absolutely loved for your baby!


Hanan XOX

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