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Cutest Modest Swimwear

Cutest Modest Swimwear

Who said you can't wear hijab and go swimming? Who said you can't wear modest swimwear and still look cute? Girl, I got you covered!

We can thank all the companies for inventing the "burkini" or modest swimwear as its called. It is basically a swimsuit that covers your arms and legs, kind of like a scuba diving outfit except one that is more loose.

The following are my favourite modest swimwear finds. I got so many compliments on the beach wearing every single one of them. It was great that I did not feel awkward in how I was dressed and felt comfortable enough to swim :) 

  • Unapologetically fashionable

I love this piece I got from Maya Square! It came with a matching handbag which was so fashionable. This one in particular is no longer available at Maya Square but they have other pieces on their site. Its a long sleeve top and long pants. What I loved most about wearing this modest swimwear was that when I got home from the beach that day I was actually TANNED! I was able to tan through the swimwear, yet it wasn't see through in the sun. I thought wearing black would make me feel even warmer in the sun but it wasn't too bad.

Wearing a size Small

File 2017-09-10, 3 49 37 PM (1).jpeg
  • Bright and fun!

You definitely have to be ready to attract some attention while rocking this modest swimwear piece! The colours are quite vibrant and stand out on the beach. This two-toned piece is from Madamme BK. Its called the Amélie Champagne Burkini. I loved the fit and felt very feminine and trendy in it. 

Wearing a size Small

Madamme BK_trinidad.jpeg
Madamme BK_2.jpeg
  • Cool girl vibes

Fit right in with this modest swim wear piece from Lyra Swimwear. I am wearing the Sofia - Olive piece. It is very flattering and chic with the structured detail and overlapping skirt. It comes in three pieces. First piece is the bodice that you slide into from bottom to top and zips up on the chest. Second piece is the fitted pants and thirdly the overlapping skirt to add the modest touch. Green is my favourite colour and this piece is so stylish, you already know I love it. 

Use coupon code LYRASWIM10 for 10% off.

Wearing a size Small (I would recommend a Medium if you prefer a more loose fit)

Lyra swimwear_italy.jpeg
Lyra Swim_2.jpeg
  • Call me Mrs. Skipper

I feel like the person in charge of the worlds best boat in this modest swimwear. I love this piece from MyKiny brand. The piece I am wearing is called Ivory and it is so sophisticated and feminine. I love the belt detail specifically. It has little buttons on the side of the pants that keep the top attached to the pants so when you are swimming it does not move up. Its perfect!

Use coupon code HANAN10 for 10% off.

Wearing size Medium


I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost! Comment below your favourite piece! :) And rock those burkinis on the beach!



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