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3 Ways to Practice Self Care : Advice To My Younger Self

3 Ways to Practice Self Care : Advice To My Younger Self

With graduation season around the corner, it brought me back to the days I was graduating from university and how I wish there were certain things I had paid attention to. It inspired me to write this message to my younger self and to everyone going through self growth as a reminder to take time for ME and to practice self care.

Taking care of your skin

I remember caring a lot about my appearance, and how others perceived me. As great as it is to look and feel good, I was doing it all wrong. I was focused on how I looked in the moment, in the now, rather than taking the steps to care about looking and feeling good now and in the future. This means using the right skincare and makeup products that keep your skin healthy long term. One of the most essential skincare products I always ignored is sun care. Suncare is self care. It always protects your skin allowing you to love your skin even without makeup. I have been incorporating the Olay Sun Face Sunscreen with SPF 35 in my skin routine and I can never go without it anymore. You have seen me talk about this product recently and you can read my blog post here (insert link) for reasons why I love it. I was looking back at some of my photos from the summer of graduation and oh boy was I tanned! I thought being tanned regardless of the consequences is beautiful but I know now that treating your skin and protecting it from sun damage is much more.


If I can go back, I would tell myself, girl put on that sunscreen!! The Olay sunscreen makes me feel beautiful knowing that my skin is protected from sun damage spots and future wrinkles! SO not ready for that!

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Doing something you love

Taking the time for you means doing something you love doing. When I was younger, I always preoccupied myself with people and less time for myself. Something I wish I did more often was READ. I love reading to keep my mind fresh with new ideas and even to increase my vocabulary. I love reading self-help books and business books! Now I take the time for me by putting time aside to read a few pages a day either early morning or before bed.

Get yourself help

Self care is knowing when you need help to give yourself a break! In the first few years of marriage, I was so overwhelmed with everything I had to do from cooking, cleaning, household chores etc. My husband and I would work together to accomplish everything we could but it always felt like it was never ending. I now realize that getting help is the best thing for you. It gives you the time to do more for yourself and to accomplish things that matter more to you, like quality time with your husband. That is why we decided to get help with cleaning on a bi-weekly basis to help with cleaning the house. This has given us the chance to take a breather for ourselves.

I hope this message with 3 ways to practice self care helps you become a better version of yourself and helps you reach a higher level of happiness. Comment something you do for yourself that makes you happy!




Special thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post!

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